Terms and Conditions of the MX2US Sponsored Ads Certification $200 usd Promotion

For select Sellers eligible to advertise in sponsored ads, Amazon will apply a single promotional clicks amount of $200 usd to the Seller’s US Amazon sponsored ads account, which can be redeemed for sponsored ads.
Complete your Sponsored Ads Certification now and receive $200 usd (click credits) to ignite your first Sponsored Ad Campaign:
1. This promotion is available only to sellers individually invited by Amazon to participate (‘Advertisers’).
2. The Advertiser must complete the Sponsored ads Certification on the Amazon Advertising learning console and email proof of completion to their Amazon Account Manager during the Promotional Period (the ‘Qualifying Action’).
3. Advertisers will be charged for any clicks received before the promotional clicks are applied and for all advertising that exceeds the promotional clicks amount. Advertisers can suspend or pause their ad(s) any time before the promotional clicks amount is exhausted if they do not wish to receive additional advertising charges. Advertisers are responsible for monitoring promotional clicks usage as Advertisers will not be notified once the promotional clicks amount is exhausted.
4. This promotion will start on 01/05/2021 PST and will last until 11/06/2021 PST (the ‘Promotional Period’). Advertisers must complete the Qualifying Action during the Promotional Period.
5. Advertisers can redeem this promotion once during the Promotional Period.
6. Amazon will apply the promotional clicks to the Advertiser’s account within 14 days of completing the Qualifying Action.
7. Any unused promotional credit will expire after 90 days from the date the promotional credit is applied.
8. Advertisers must maintain an advertising account in good standing with Amazon, subject to the terms of the Amazon Advertising Agreement.
9. This offer and the promotional clicks are non-transferable, not for resale and not redeemable for cash.
10. This offer is void where prohibited by law and in the event of fraud, mistake or any failure to satisfy any terms of the offer.
11. The Advertiser’s use of the promotional clicks constitutes the Advertiser’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
12. Advertisers must have a valid payment method for advertising fees on file to receive the promotional clicks.
13. Amazon reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate or modify this offer at any time.
14. If the Advertiser’s advertising account is in a different currency to the one in which the Advertiser’s promotional clicks have been awarded, the actual amount of the promotional clicks may be subject to foreign currency fluctuations.
15. The Advertiser is responsible for the payment of any taxes incurred.
16. Limit of one $200 usd promotional clicks per advertiser account.
17. The currency of the promotional clicks depends on the advertiser account.
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